The Wonderfully Funny Family Part I – SheWhoDoesNotWishToBeNamed

The family I’m staying with are funny.
I don’t think they’ll mind me sharing that.
In fact, I imagine they’ll be quite proud if they happen to read this.

I don’t think I’ve spent a single day here without laughing, and laughing really is the best medicine for a person who’s a bit grumpy.

The dogs are mental. The horses all have very strong characters.
The cats don’t take any nonsense.
So Bom and I have fitted in very nicely and we feel at home.
I do get the odd occasion when I wish I had my own bathroom. and kitchen. and house 😉 But most of the time I really love it here and am chuffed to bits that they want me to stay (forever).
They do.
I think.
Yeah I’m sure one of them said something like that once. or maybe it was my interpretation of the time She-who-does-not-wish-to-be-named said if she ever leaves home she won’t have to learn to cook because she’s going to take me with her. That was nice, wasn’t it..
She’s so sweet.

This page is dedicated to SheWDNWTBN and her sense of humour.
She doesn’t do hugs.
She makes the best ewwwww-face I’ve ever seen.
She’s a little bit fussy about food. Dinnertime ewwwwww-faces are common.
She’s very pretty. I told her she looked especially pretty one morning and she called me a paedophile and made the ewwwface.

She sings beautifully in her room and closes the door in my face if she realises I’m listening. She’s singing now. Next time she’s evil I’m going to record her singing and share it on here.
She has an i-phone and lots of friends that send her amusing videos of themselves making silly faces.
She showed me some of them tonight to cheer me up after DJ ate my dinner.

DJ little boss dog is the King of Eating Food Left on the Table for Just Two Seconds.
Edwina was making quiche so I had a little bowl of gluten-free stuff which I was all set to tuck into, in what I thought was an empty kitchen.
I left the room for seconds and came back to find DJ standing on the table with his face in my bowl, belting down my dinner.

DJ attempting to look boss while surrounded by daisies. Check out his supersonic bat ears. I love him but don't tell him that

DJ attempting to look boss while surrounded by daisies.
Check out his supersonic bat ears.

When I told SheWDNWTBN that I hate her dog she tried very hard not to look amused, then offered to make me some food.. I’m not that brave so I went to make something myself and she decided to grace me with her presence in the kitchen to ‘cheer me up’.
She did this mostly by laughing at me, especially when I tripped over Buddhacutepuppy and swore as I almost spilt my dinner version 2.
She then began to take photos of herself on her phone and when I asked what she was doing she replied ‘I’m taking pictures of myself having a good time.’

She gave me a hug after that. And she doesn’t do hugs. Ewwwww.



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