2 months later

Don’t bother reading this. Really. It’s a waste of a minute of your life.

Yeah. I’d like to pretend I’ve been busy but errr…

I just haven’t had anything to tell you.
When it rained occasionally I didn’t want to grumble.
When it’s gloriously sunny and I’m having super fun times I don’t feel the need to remind you how much fun I’m having while you’re either working, slaving after your kids, enduring winter, or all three of them (ouch poor you – you should really book yourself a holiday).

It’s starting to get little bit busy down here now, with people and cars and the car parks don’t have quite so much space and it makes me a bit hermitty.
I think I might need a shed to hide out in.

I really can’t think of anything to write about but thought I should write something and now I’m wondering why I’m… I might go to the top and add a note for you not to bother reading this..done. so I’m gonna go move some horseshit around and try to think of a brilliant story to share.
I’ll make more effort for my next post, within a month or three x maybe


One response to “2 months later

  1. Nice one…..x

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