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2 months later

Don’t bother reading this. Really. It’s a waste of a minute of your life.

Yeah. I’d like to pretend I’ve been busy but errr…

I just haven’t had anything to tell you.
When it rained occasionally I didn’t want to grumble.
When it’s gloriously sunny and I’m having super fun times I don’t feel the need to remind you how much fun I’m having while you’re either working, slaving after your kids, enduring winter, or all three of them (ouch poor you – you should really book yourself a holiday).

It’s starting to get little bit busy down here now, with people and cars and the car parks don’t have quite so much space and it makes me a bit hermitty.
I think I might need a shed to hide out in.

I really can’t think of anything to write about but thought I should write something and now I’m wondering why I’m… I might go to the top and add a note for you not to bother reading this..done. so I’m gonna go move some horseshit around and try to think of a brilliant story to share.
I’ll make more effort for my next post, within a month or three x maybe

It’s been raining (pigs)

This was a little while ago. It was another day that it rained and some pigs turned up in the field. Turns out Belisse isn't keen on pigs.

This was a little while ago. It was another day that it rained and some pigs turned up in the field. Turns out Belisse isn’t keen on pigs.

Oh my goodness, how did I survive 2 winters in Scotland and 34 in Jersey.

It rained for a few days, it was sunny for two, then it rained again! for 3 days and for the last 2 it’s been cloudy and a bit windy and I am so over it already.
Africa next winter, I reckon.

Yeah I’m really sorry to hear all about the flooding and trees down and cancelled flights and stuff in Jersey and the UK. That’s why I’m here.

Because I Hate Wintery Weather.

Reasons I hate wintery weather.

I hate clothes. I really do. I hate shopping for clothes and I hate wearing them. I hate them. Especially coats. I hate coats most of all.

I hate shoes. Ugg boots are fine but they get smelly and dirty and flip flops are just so much easier, and comfier, and they take up less space so you can have, like, 5 pairs in different colours and not feel like a compulsive shoe-shopper.

I hate not being able to sit outside and write/read.
I like being outside. I don’t like being inside.¬†And in order to stay warm and dry outside in wintery weather you have to wear clothes, and shoes, right…

Wet dogs. Wet towels.
And washing and drying and damp mouldy walls (or expensive insulation and double-glazing and blablabla…)

Driving is more dangerous. Innit.

Horses get covered in mud and have to wear rugs, which get covered in mud.

My body doesn’t produce enough vitamin B or serotonin or dopamine or all those other nice happy chemicals that make me smile. Or freckles.

Grumble over.
Thanks for listening, I feel better already, and I am genuinely sorry if you’re having a far worse time than I am in wintery weather for far longer.. obviously you don’t hate clothes enough to move somewhere a bit warmer.

p.s. The sun’s forecast to return tomorrow and there was a big red sky tonight, so the forecast might be right – in the event that it is, I won’t bore you with happy positive appreciation type stuff about the gorgeous sunny weather because that would be a bit like, rubbing it in, wouldn’t it…

Hmmm. I get the feeling this might not be my most popular post.