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I started writing itsnotallaboutmybombom because
– I thought it might make a couple of my friends smile
– I like writing

I was unaware at the time that there was a stats widget that would tell me how many views my page had received and from which countries and another that would tell me how it was found (whether via facebook/google/other referrals such as links on another pages..)

And I certainly didn’t consider that people I didn’t know might come across it and follow it or hit a like button for what I’d written… so I was quite excited to find that some had and went clicking off  to look at their posts and whatnots to see what these other blogging people are writing about and liking and doing.

This is the serious bit.
I learnt that there are people who write blogs* about how to write blogs, and or blogs about how to make money from writing blogs.

That’s amazing.

If I ever begin to take writing a blog seriously, I might read the advice properly and take note of it, however, in the meantime, I don’t need to make money from writing a blog cos I’m a little bit rich** and I definitely don’t need to think about what I could do with all the money I could make from writing a blog about writing a blog because oh god I’ve confused myself now..

But. I did find some really cool blogs that I like.
I’m going to post links to them, not because I want the writers of them to look at my stuff or return the favour or send me chocolates, simply because if I ever fail to make my friends smile these might work better.

This is funny. Especially so if you like King Kong. I love King Kong.

And this one gave me a chuckle too

I like*** it when people like my stuff.
My friend who takes beautiful selfies recently told me that ‘Each time someone clicks like, you get a small hit of dopamine. Its proven.’ and I feel inclined to believe her.

So please go ahead and like as much as you like; I feel very flattered when you do and am always appreciative of a little dopamine.

Thanks for reading.

*blog – massively overused word in this post

**rich – my definition of the word may vary from that of most-other-people****
***like – another overly used word. I’m a very bad writer.
****most-other-people – probably just about everyone but me

Reasons not to write on my blog

I’ve been here a month and I’ve written one blog, about horseflies.. how unimpressive is that.
I could blame it on the fact that I’ve been having lovely times and doing wonderful things and not feeling the need to share it all enough to write about it and risk boring some poor soul’s socks off with my smug self-satisfied newfound happy state.
Either that or I’m a great procrastinator.
In fact, in all honesty, there are a multitude of reasons why I haven’t been writing loads.

One of them is on this fabulous blog here
It’s good advice. And I really like that blog.

Another of them is FLIES.
Normal ones, not horseflies, don’t panic.
I spend a lot of time getting comfy to write and then a fly lands on my leg, so I slap it away and it lands on my foot, then it flies at my face, then another one lands on my gammy sore scabby leg (naughty rocks), then another one lands on my shoulder and one on my hand and one buzzing in my left ear so I growl and get my fly-swat and kill them all. Then it starts all over again.

I am currently wearing leggings and socks and a long sleeve tshirt so I can ignore them for longer than usual, just so I can write this.
The alternative is that I go inside and shut the patio door and sit on the bed or at the desk but then Bom starts chatting at me so I give him a bit of a fuss and then we play a game and then we discuss what to do tomorrow and then it’s time to get the horses in and cook the dinner and I haven’t written any blog.

Excuses, excuses.. or perhaps just nothing more exciting to write about than the above. Either way is fine by me.

How could anything not be fine when I wake up to be greeted by this beautiful face every morning?

oops wrong one. it was supposed to be of my bombom
He fell in the swimming pool. Twice. What a dufus.