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I started writing itsnotallaboutmybombom because
– I thought it might make a couple of my friends smile
– I like writing

I was unaware at the time that there was a stats widget that would tell me how many views my page had received and from which countries and another that would tell me how it was found (whether via facebook/google/other referrals such as links on another pages..)

And I certainly didn’t consider that people I didn’t know might come across it and follow it or hit a like button for what I’d written… so I was quite excited to find that some had and went clicking off ┬áto look at their posts and whatnots to see what these other blogging people are writing about and liking and doing.

This is the serious bit.
I learnt that there are people who write blogs* about how to write blogs, and or blogs about how to make money from writing blogs.

That’s amazing.

If I ever begin to take writing a blog seriously, I might read the advice properly and take note of it, however, in the meantime, I don’t need to make money from writing a blog cos I’m a little bit rich** and I definitely don’t need to think about what I could do with all the money I could make from writing a blog about writing a blog because oh god I’ve confused myself now..

But. I did find some really cool blogs that I like.
I’m going to post links to them, not because I want the writers of them to look at my stuff or return the favour or send me chocolates, simply because if I ever fail to make my friends smile these might work better.

This is funny. Especially so if you like King Kong. I love King Kong.

And this one gave me a chuckle too

I like*** it when people like my stuff.
My friend who takes beautiful selfies recently told me that ‘Each time someone clicks like, you get a small hit of dopamine. Its proven.’ and I feel inclined to believe her.

So please go ahead and like as much as you like; I feel very flattered when you do and am always appreciative of a little dopamine.

Thanks for reading.

*blog – massively overused word in this post

**rich – my definition of the word may vary from that of most-other-people****
***like – another overly used word. I’m a very bad writer.
****most-other-people – probably just about everyone but me