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I’m Writing!!

and it’s so exciting!
There’s lots going on in the land of BomBom right now, all of which is positive and hopeful and pretty damn wonderful. The best of all the new and magical is that I’m finally making some progress with My Book.

Something clicked into place recently, after a lengthy period of time when I felt like I just needed to switch off from it and concentrate on ‘realistic achievable goals’. Funny, that.

So, the culmination of the following things are making it work for me right now, and the purpose of this post (first one in quite some time, huh) is to share them with you. Yes, you!
If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the people who’s helping me to make it happen. Either that, or you’re a random person who might benefit from the little list of wonders below.

I reached the point where I was utterly fed up with being so perfectionist(ical) and self-critical about my work that I realised I could accept criticism from other people. Wow.
I’m not known for handling criticism well, but, truly, I’m totally over being all ‘I can do it by myself’.
I started sending copies of draft 306,756,423 to a friend. She picked up on the aspects of the draft that I was unsure of and Voila! that was all I needed.
She wants to read more, so I have to write more. So simple. Why didn’t I listen to the advice earlier? Ha.
Now I’ve sent the draft to a handful of superchums and I’m so excited to receive emails/facetime calls about it that I’m just pounding away at the keyboard making it better for you all.

Cos now I’m writing a book for my friends, rather than a book that I hope to make enough money from to buy a cliff-top house and hermit my days away with my dog for company.

I can do it, with a little help from my friends. Thanks x

I neglected to mention two people who aren’t my friends, who were part of the process that kick-started me.
There’s a lady, Marcy McKay, the Energizer Bunny of writers, who writes ace blogs and articles about writing. She was the first person I requested help from and she gave me heaps of helpful advice. Thanks, Marcy, I’m taking tiny steps.

And there’s a self-published author of a book called The Sham. Her name’s Ellen Allen and she very kindly kicked my ass with some astute feedback on my previous draft and reassured me that I wasn’t being overly critical of my work – it was dire. Thanks Ellen.
Just goes to show that sometimes it’s worth taking a risk and emailing strangers.

Hope the new year has started with a good kind of bang for you, yes you, you who took the time to read this.
Back soon!