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The Wonderfully Funny Family Part 2 – Lovely Edwina

I was thinking the other night about how incredibly tolerant this Wonderfully Funny Family are.
They deserve a medal each, for putting up with me for the last 6 months, and it constantly astounds me that they want me to stay*.
They do and say all the right things – nobody’s told me off even once, despite the fact that I can be so awfully clumsy, noisy, grumpy, and that I don’t talk to people in the mornings (they simply don’t speak to me either – it’s bliss.)
Occasionally SheWhoDoesNotWishToBeNamed creeps up quietly and says ‘Am I allowed to talk to you yet?’ and very occasionally the answer is yes.

LovelyEdwina is the elder daughter.
She lives in the apartment above the house and is only 25 but is much much much more grown-up and sensible than me**. She’s also really very lovely (hence the name), has a huge heart and appears to have a super-sense for whether I’m feeling approachable.

One of the things I like best about LovelyEdwina (apart from the fact that she lets me borrow her amazing bum-sculpting jeans) is that she’s a slightly obsessive clean-freak just like me; we make a kickass ninja cleaning-up team in the kitchen and she doesn’t ever get under my feet.
So, on Friday, after being grumpy at her for no reason whatsoever, I scurried off to my room, ate my very late breakfast/lunch and gave myself a good talking to. Then I went to apologise and discovered that not only does LovelyEdwina have the best cross-face*** ever, she’s also very forgiving and went back to being typically lovely in a flash.
All was well in the horseyhouse again.


* they want me to stay? – I think they want me to stay. They did want me to stay and they haven’t asked me to leave since asking me to stay so I’m pretty confident they still want me to stay. I hope so.
** more grown up and sensible than me – it’s not terribly hard to be more grown-up and sensible than me, but she’s got a great combination of emotional intelligence, assertiveness skills and¬†empathy, which all fell out of my brain one day.
*** cross face –¬†the kind of face that makes for a brilliant mum – it stops naughty kids in their tracks without a word and should be taught at prenatal classes. My friend Miss Bobby Marmite does an exceptionally good cross face too, very rarely seen, but definitely worthy of being listed as a superpower. I’m going to do some practising.. I think it’s all in the eyebrows..