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Getting organised (help?)


Me and my Kangoo

I spent the entire! day yesterday messing about (didn’t even leave the horsey-house except for dog-walks) setting up somewhere else to do random writing stuff (about writing and random stuff, funnily enough); then a little time this morning vanishing random stuff from here that wasn’t related to mine and Bom’s little adventure.

Bom’s really excited about the fact that I’m getting organised – he’s snoring very enthusiastically right now; probably dreaming that I’ve stopped tapping on my laptop and am taking him out to eat horse-poo (disgusting I know – I ask him not to but regularly find him hiding behind the wheelbarrow licking his chops.)

So now that my OCD-monster is content with blogs and writing tools, I have only one little thing to worry about.

My Kangoo.
I love my Kangoo and I need to rescue it from its current plight.
It’s sitting in the driveway sadly displaying an expired insurance badge.

None of the stupid insurance companies in Jersey (that I’ve found so far – does anyone know of a magic broker?) will insure it for use out of the island for longer than 90 days.

The stupid UK company that assured me they’d insure it (having suddenly realised Jersey isn’t part of the UK ) declined the policy they originally offered. ???? I know.

The very friendly-helpful-polite people in the insurance companies in Portugal can’t insure a Jersey registered vehicle.

Fortunately the Wonderfully Funny Family have a great big beautifully battered (I like driving things with character) burgundy jeep that I can use until I sort something else out.
But how and what to sort?

The options:
1. Matriculation – register with Portuguese plate – Expensive, time-consuming, no resale value because it’s a right hand drive.
And what happens if I decide to go back to Jersey?
2. Buy something here and drive the Kangoo back to Jersey to sell it. Fly back here. Expensive. Time-consuming. Distressing for the Bom dog.
3. Buy something here and sell Kangoo to someone who wants to come and get it and drive it back?
4. Persuade one of my wonderful friends to come for a holiday and drive it back. 🙂 I like that one best.
5. Buy something here and let the Kangoo sit in the driveway for an indefinite period in case I ever decide to go back?

I numbered the options for a reason.
Because unless somebody can wave a magic wand or make a decision for me (I HATE MAKING DECISIONS) I’m going to get my dice.

6. Throw again

Seriously, I’ve been stressing about this situation (on and off – sometimes I just forget all about it and go for a surf or take the jeep for some dirt-track playtime to ease my pain) for weeks now and it’s mucking up my funtime and making me frown.

I know I should have been better organised but I didn’t know how long I was going to stay and I thought the UK insurance company lady knew what she was talking about and the Coles managed to get their car insured when they were here (company since stopped cover) and other people from Jersey (and Guernsey) have had their cars here for years, so I naturally assumed those law-abiding citizens had valid insurance – silly me.
Rant over.

Help? Anyone?

Dad? Haha